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I'm looking for 5 ladies and gents that want to completely transform their bodies using NO equipment.. NO heavy weights.. NO long hours in the gym! And you don't even have to leave your house! Let's do this!!!!
Give me 30 minutes of your day and we'll sculpt your body and learn to control your portions with our FUN custom portion control eating system. NO counting calories!

All workouts are done in the comfort of your own home.. on your own time. You will have ME as your Coach... walking you through the program every step of the way!

This challenge starts
March 23rd, but ALSO includes our custom VIP Holiday Accountability Group, that will keep you on point throughout the holidays, and ready to go FULL STEAM AHEAD on January 5th.
If you can commit to changing your life, I WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU! I am looking for 5 ladies who are serious about starting the 2015 year stronger and healthier than ever!

This program includes:
- A complete home workout kit with DVDs
- 7 color coded portion control containers
- Complete custom meal plan designed for your 30 Day Challenge
- Bonus 3 Day custom plan to quickly get you picture or beach ready when you are short on time.
- Shakeology to help kill all your chocolate and carb cravings
- Shaker cup you can take anywhere
- ME as your personal coach
- access to my EXCLUSIVE VIP LIFETIME support group

Apply --->  HERE

or email me at hello [at] and we'll discuss if this is right for you.

Pregnant? Me too!!

Exercise during pregnancy is not only SAFE but it is crucial to

1. Getting your body prepared for the marathon of labor it is about to go through

2. All the amazing benefits that it give you DURING the pregnancy.


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