New Week to Slay Your Dragons

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Who is ready to take this week by storm?!

We should all be refreshed and re-energized after the weekend and reminder of the amazing gift Jesus gave us.

Now let's refocus on our goals and slay those dragons!

Why I HATED the Color Pink

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While sitting here touching up my nails as my daily to-do list is printing out, I started thinking about my nail polish. 

As a young girl and then well into my 20s I hated pink. You'd have to hog tie me down if you wanted something pink even remotely close to me.

I HATED it. As I got older I resented everything it represented. Weakness. Inferiority. Softness....all things that my machismo father did not instill in me.

I laughed to myself at girls who were much more feminine and dainty than me and associated their behavior with the color.

It wasn't until my time at Urban Jungle Self Defense, where I not only healed my soul and heart after some heavy stuff I was going through but also found myself as a woman and began to understand that the color pink and all the characteristics I associated it with were a mistake. 

Pink...the color of femininity...doesn't represent cancer (a scarey/negative thing) or anything I mentioned above. 

It represents strength, selflessness, persistence, power, self control, duty, honor, and many more positive qualities that I first saw in my mentor Michelle Torres-Aponte and then realized was in all the woman around me...including myself. 

You never know the people you will inspire in your life and the impact it will have on their future. 

The 2 yrs I spent with Michelle and her family will forever impact the legacy I will leave to my daughter and her daughters and so-on.

Many people as the question "Where were you when...?" 

Today I ask you "where were you when you found yourself or had your biggest ah-ha moment?

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