Harness Your Strength and Release Your Fears

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Good morning and happy start to a new week!! 

Don't let Mondays be those days you dread. Instead let them be a day you get excited for. For they are a day to start anew and create change in your life.

Life is an evolution of sorts. Some times it may be simple and small things like watching your children grow before you eyes.

Other times it may be bigger changes, like making a life changing decision to grab hold of your health and make it your own. 

Perfection is not natural, but hoping and aiming for it is a very human characteristic. The only perfect being in this world has been Jesus. So, don't be discouraged by your failures and setbacks. 


Harness that STRENGTH He gave you...its there. Deep inside. Waiting for your to unlock it.

RELEASE YOUR FEARS. Fear is an illusion and something that we can overcome with a little perseverance and support by those around you. 

Don't have much support at home? I'm here for you ever step of the way. Let me be your coach and I'll also be your friend....you your family in fitness....your S.I.S...sister in sweat.

Have a beautiful Monday!

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