Road map to Success: Fitness Edition

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Have you ever started something new thinking it was going to be so awesome but ended up feeling disappointed?  Yea? Me too. Many many times.

How much time to you give yourself to because successful?

How much energy did you put into it?

When it comes to fitness and health most people tried and stopped. Tried again and felt they failed.

That's been me many times in my life. But I didn't give up. I had an idea on a different approach to take... different gym to go to... different exercise to try... different trainer to work with.

I came up with the new approach (idea)...tried it out and did it over and over again.

One important thing I learned along the way was that as soon as I stopped doing this new approach because I thought I had reached success I ended up back where I started. Unhappy and looking for new ideas, new approaches to take, feeling like a failure.

It has taken me a long time and many failures but I've finally learned that when it comes to health and fitness in order to be and stay successful you have to KEEP DOING the doing.

Exercise and healthy eating are as essential as breathing and sleeping. As soon as you stop doing them your body doesn't like it and your health weakens.

So, if you have fallen off the Resolution bandwagon you were on just last month, don't be discouraged. Allow yourself to think its time to try again. Come up with an idea and Try, DO, REPEAT.

In the words of Nike and Mountain Dew.....Just do it!.....Do the Dew!

Happy Thursday

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  1. I like your Fitness Edition Graphic. I especially liked do... do again, again...


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