Faith is Taking the First Step...


There's one thing I've learn over the years and that's listening to the little voice in my head. 

It may be God. 
It may be my guardian angel. 
It may be my subconscious. 
It may be my intuition. 

Whatever or whoever it is, it doesn't steer me wrong. It gives me guidance both when I'm looking for it and when I'm not. Whether it be personal, professional, family or faith, I'm guided by its whispers.

Putting faith in that whisper and taking the first step is not always easy, but I know its what I am being guided to.

I don't ever know where its leading me. But every time I don't listen to it something bad happens. Sometimes its something small and sometimes its something big.

Here's an example of a big one. I was driving home from my maternity appointment and something told me I'm right here near Target and its always so hard getting to this area of town. Let's pop in for a minute and grab a few things. 

So, I did. Took me a whole 10 minutes because I already knew what I needed and where to find it.

Driving home and coming up to my street to turn on the road by blocked by police and we were diverted to another side street. I came to realize there was a terrible accident. 

If I hadn't listened to that voice in my head whispering for me to deviate from my plans to go straight home, which my hubs was NOT happy about because he was home watching 4 kids by himself, then I very well may have been involved in that accident. 

These types of near misses have happened more than one time in my life. Something or someone is certainly watching out for me and I'm positive you have someone watching out for you.

But if you don't listen to that voice and have faith it is telling you something for a reason, you never know what you will be missing. 

If you've been thinking about it and keep putting if off then maybe its time to stop staling. That voice in your head hasn't given up on you so maybe its time to have a little faith and dive right in!

Happy Sunday!


  1. Ah, you listened to the voice with a good outcome! Sometimes, I listen to the voice to my detriment: when I am feeling down about myself. So the question is: when do we differentiate?!

  2. I love this! You are so right. Go ahead and take that step. Follow your gut!

  3. i love that! its true! sometimes you dont see the whole staircase but you should keep walking! have faith!

  4. This is so true. Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.

  5. I could totally relate with you hun!!! It happened so many times with me.

  6. Thanks for your article about listening to the little voice in your head. So many people look at me as if I am insane when I talk about that little voice, but I don't care. I still try to get them to listen to their voice because it could save their life or the lives of their children, or save them from making a horrible mistake. I know its God, but I believe he gave us intuition and other senses so that we feel something bad or good is going to happen, and if we don't listen to our senses, God sends our angel(s) to us to give us a sign or speak to us about what we should or shouldn't do. If we still don't seem to go in the right direction, then God speaks to us in a much more direct and louder voice. However, if we are not paying attention to the signs and not listening for that little voice, we don't hear God. Everytime when I was younger and didn't know to listen for the voice, I regretted it more than I can express. I am so glad that you expressed this in writing and validated that the little voice I hear is real. I knew in my heart it was real, but it meant a lot to read about someone else's experience.


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