Day 6: Cross Posting for Maximum Exposure

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If you are writing a health and fitness blog to market your Beachbody business then posting your

Welcome back to Day 6 of the 7-Day Blogger Quick Start Series. These last two days are when things really get fun! If there are only two things that you are can focus your attention on when writing your blog is should be 1. Content and 2. Cross Posting.

Miss Day 5? Read it here.

You can have awesome content with great graphics, but if you can't get your article seen by enough people it won't be able to go anywhere and most certainly won't be going viral any time soon.

On the other hand, if you are cross posting you articles like a made woman...Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc...but your content and presentation is week then again all your hard work and effort will have gone to waste.

A few people may get curious and pop over to take a look, but they won't be engaging and leaving comments or reaching out to you. And equally as important, they won't be sharing it on their on social media accounts.

Simple enough, right? Ok so let's move on to where you should be posting. This really is a personal decision, but my recommendation is at least 4 different social media outlets. The most important being Facebook.


article on Facebook is a no-brainer. It's where you run your business and where you will be finding most, if not all, of your initial clients.

The second reason you should be posting your blog article links on Facebook is because of the sheer magnitude of its user base. Facebook is publicly traded so when they released their fourth quarter earnings three weeks ago they announced they have surpassed 1.23 billion monthly active users.

Let's just attempt to wrap out minds around that for a minute... WOW! MIND BLOWN!

Aside from it massive user base, marketing expenses are rather managable for the mom-and-pop business like us. We can boost a post or our page for as little as $3/day with a minimum of 24 hours. That's pretty great.

So that means for as little as $12 we can boost our page the 4 most popular days people are online, Thursday through Sunday. That's great! I personally did this last week and gained over $100 new likes, or followers, of my page. SCORE!


Twitter may come after Google+ when it comes to monthly active users, but I personally don't really use Google+.  I'll be honest. I don't really use Twitter that much either but that's because I'm new to it and understanding how it is meant to be used.

I do know that the the kids younger than me use it and those will be my eventual market, so until I see a reason not to I'll keep cross posting there.

With a 140 character limit it is pretty tricky knowing what to type that will bring attention to me. From what I've learned, one great trick to get your tweets seen is to check out what hashtags are trending and try to incorporate one of those into your tweets. That way if anyone clicks on one of those hashtags, the goal is that they will see your tweet as they scroll down through them.


I LOVE Instagram! This is my personal favorite after Facebook. In this world of instant gratification and 2-second attention span this is a great place to show off your awesome pics. Yup, content comes in the form of pictures here. Your biggest bang will come from how well you are able to grab people's attention visually.

Yes, this platform is pretty weak compared to Facebook, at only 200 million monthly active uses. However, it does have over 20 billion pictures shared on it to date. That's pretty impressive. Another interest fact. Of the 200 million monthly active users, 50 million signed up just within the last 6 months. WOW! People are flooding in. SO, let's give them something to look at!

What do I post on Instagram?
Definitely my morning motivation posts, which I post to Facebook and my blog daily. I post family pictures on there as well because it appeals to my demographic, mothers of young children, as well as it fits my name....@aFitFamilia.

My 2 most popular posts so far have been a picture of my daughter's birthday dress (24 likes) ...

and a funny workout-related quote (29 likes).


This is another fav of mine because of the nature of how it works. It specializes in "graphic form of conversation initiation". In this world a picture really is worth a thousand words. And the fact that there has been close to no efforts to monetize their pins means its fair game for EVERYONE. You're not going to have to pay just so your followers can see you pins, like Facebook who's algorithms have really made it tough.

This platform also speaks to its ability to send pins viral! Nearly 4 years ago I pinned a picture of a wall decal from a shop on Etsy that I liked. For over a year I kept getting notifications from Pinterest that my pin had been repinned. It reached over 3000 pins. Crazy, huh?

So, every time you write a blog post make sure you have an eye catching image and pin it your Pinterest boards! You never know who you will touch.

Tips for HOW to Cross Post

Ok, so we covered the different social media platforms that I personally post to. There are many so, again, choose the right ones for you. Here is how I write my post the cross-post it throughout the other platforms.

Step 1: Blogger

I write my blog post and make sure to have an image at the very top of the page. In Bloglovin' posts that don't start off with a picture tend to not have one. It's weird. I have no idea why it does this.

Step 2: Pinterest

Right after I finish writng my post I will pin it to one of my many Pinterest boards. Quick tip: Make sure to click "see pin" after you've pinned it to a board. We'll be needing it again for Step 3.

Step 3: Facebook

Next, I highlight and copy my blog post from Blogger and paste it into Facebook, making sure to add the same photo I used on my Blogger post.

If the blog post is particularly long I will only post a shortened version of it. I don't want to lose people because they've given up on reading. Facebook is more quick posts. People that look around at blog posts generally know that the post is gonna be long and have some meat to it. So, they're more inclined to read the whole thing.

If my post was to long I type "Read it --->" then provide the link to the blog post. Make sure you are using the link to the actual post and not the main link to the blog site. People could come across it at a later time and you want them to be able to go straight to that exact post. Next expect people to search for the post. Chances are they'll give up before they've found it.

Next, I do the same thing with "Pin it --->?"

Step 4: Instagram/Twitter

Next I pull up the image I used for the blog post on my phone via my Dropbox. I hit "export" and open it up in Instagram. Now remember, Instagram only does square images. So, if you are trying to post something narrow like the little hanging guy from the image above, you are going to need to use something else like to create a square version of it first.

Once again I keep my words to a minimum. Instagram is about immediate impressions. Say a little something the leave a short link to he blog post. You can use or (Google version) to create a shortened link.

Just before hitting the post button I select the Twitter icon so it also posts to twitter.

Ta da!!

So, dive on into cross posting now. It really is that simple. I'd love to hear how it goes for you and which social media platforms you end up choosing.

Happy blogging!

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  1. I love the infographic - I need to post it on my wall to remind me to cross-post!


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