Working Out Sucks But...

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I came across this today and I couldn't help but laugh. hahaha I can think of at least one other word that I use instead of muffing top. Can you?

F.U.P.P.A. Fat Upper Post-Pregnancy Area....yeah "Post-Pregnancy" isn't the word I normally say but this is a family blog here. Gotta keep it clean. ha!

Anyway, I'm proud of my F.U.P.P.A. Men don't really have it and after you have a kid that thing is OUT OF CONTROL!!!

You don't have to have had a child to have one. After watching as many kids as I have over the years I'm seriously starting to think it forms because we tied our diapers too tight as infants and taught the fat to move upward. Then as we get older is slowly sinks down like a bag of flour. UGH! But who really knows.

Anyway, as proud as I am of my F.U.P.P.A. but I tell you what? I'm gonna be proud as pie when that thing is GONE!!

See ya!

If you're fed up with your F.U.P.P.A., apply NOW for my next challenge. Take advantage of this month's sales and kick that fat pack to the curb!! Challenge starts Feb 9th.

Happy Hump Day!!

Or message me here or at for details.

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