Results vs Excuses: The Timeless Trade-Off

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Here we are just about two full weeks into the new year. How are you resolutions going??? 

Have you stuck to your fitness routine? 
Have you scheduled your weekly bank transfers for the 52-Week Savings Challenge? 
Have you stuck the the plan you made for accomplishing whatever other resolution you may have set for yourself?

Yes? Awwwwesome sauce! NO??? Well, what the heck is holding you back? STOP the excuses and JUST START! This quote is SO true. You CAN'T have RESULTS and KEEP your EXCUSES. It doesn't work that way. It's a trade off, but the rewards are so sweet. 

So, if you have fallen off just jump back on the resolution train and don't look back and the days you have lost. Instead, focus on finishing the month strong! 


Happy Tuesday!


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