Don't Be Ashamed of Your Story...


When I first started coaching not everyone around me was very supportive of it. Not being fit, not being thin, and sharing my before pictures of online was scary for them.

What will family think? What will our friends? What will our coworkers think? Even worse...what will they say??

We all like to think that when we grow up and get out of high school all those negative people will have grown up and everyone will be supportive and non-judgmental towards each other. WRONG!

Mean Girls and Mean Guys, they're still out there. They just got older. It seems as we get older people get MORE judgmental and negative. Tis a shame.

But what I've learned is the MOST important thing to do is not focus on those negative nancy's but instead...

FOCUS on those you are going to inspire. 

FOCUS on the family, perhaps even your spouse, that will not only start to believe you but support you......and join you!!

FOCUS on the friends who you may have lost touch with but whom are getting a little bit of sunshine from your inspiring posts they read.

FOCUS on the moms out there that will decide to start putting themselves first for once. Leading by example to their families.

FOCUS on yourself and how everyday you continue on, you are empowering your mind and your body.

Happy go #PressPlay !


  1. “See the positive side, the potential, and make an effort.” ~Dalai Lama

  2. This was so inspiring! Thanks for that!

  3. Yes, there are many mean people out there. Even worse, they have access to a social platform unlike ever in the past. It is very intimidating! I am in awe of those that can open up their lives and be strong enough to let mean comments roll off their back.

    1. HI Kelly. I couldn't agree more. I don't understand how others can hide behind a username or even an "anonymous" name and bash others. It's really disheartening. I was bullied my ENTIRE adolescence so I know first hand what some of these kids are going through. As an adult it didn't get easier. The mean comments went away but the over sex charged men replaced them. After getting raped by a coworker and at the age of 22, I said enough was enough. I joined a martial arts gym and learned how to defend myself. It was at that time in my life and that I learned how strong I really was. I also learned the importance of leading by example and showing others that their inner strength is not only there but waiting to be let out.

  4. i will focus on my friends that i have lost contact! i miss them! thanks!


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