Day 4: Tabs and Content for Your Fitness Blog

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Welcome back to Day 4 of our 7-Day Blogger Series. This is a good one. Here we are going to do a case study of two very successful Elite Beachbody Coahces. The first is Melanie Mitro. She is the #1 coach in the entire company and has been working for the company for 8 years. The second is Alyssa Showmaker. She has been one of the fastest rising Beachbody coach by advancing from coach to #8 coach in the entire company in a matter of two year. WOW! My hero!!

Miss Day 3? Read it here.

We are going to look at their tabs and content as well as do a comparison on way different looks each of their blogs have. 

After watching the video I would like you to post 3 things you liked and 3 things your didn't like about any of the blogs seen in the video....yes mine too. Go easy on me! LOL It's a work in progress.

Happy blogging!


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