Day 3: Installing a Blogger Template

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Welcome back to Day 3 of the 7-Day Blogger Quick Start. Today I have a video tutorial to show you how to install the template from Blogger Template shop on Etsy that I referred you to in the last day.

Miss Day 2? Read it here.

As you saw from the video above I came across a few hiccups. I realized after the fact that because I had more than one author assigned to this blog, the Blogger profile picture was removed and replaced with links to both Blogger profiles. Once I removed the second profile, my picture popped up as it should have in the first place. 

The second hiccup that came up was from the different shades of white between the backdrop of the blog and the white of background of the logo. Here is a video on how to remove the background of the logo so that it will be transparent and take on whatever color I change the blog background to.

Next up for tomorrow we will cover Tabs and Content.

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