Belated Bump-date


Happy belated Bump-date!! I didn't get a chance to post this yesterday so I'm doing it today. 

FINALLY exceeded my pre-pregnancy weight. When I started my journey I had just lost 6 lbs from my first week in a challenge making my pre-pregnancy weight 146.

The last 7 days have been interesting. My hips have been much more achy and the frequency in which I get hungry is increasing. Uh, oh. haha

But, I'm not worried. Keeping the pantry stocked with my favorite nuts and frig full of my favorite veggies. Not increasing carb in-take due to my insulin-resistance brought on by my PCOS. Oh yeah, and one guilty pleasure....Hidden Valley Ranch dressing. 

GOTTA be Hidden Valley. lol And not the light stuff.

As for the workout program. I'm still doing Insanity Max 30 and have stopped any jumping. My baby is sitting low so its not comfortable without a jogging belt. ...maybe I'll get one.

There's only few more days of Month-1 of the program. I'm struggling to decide whether to move on to Month-2 (a lil more difficult), repeat Month-1, or take it down a bunch to PiYo. SO TOUGH!!! I guess we'll see Monday what I decide, but ultimately it will be determined by my hips. They're getting really achy. 
frown emot

Thank you all for your support. Your wonderful, kind words keep me going and from pulling the "I'm Pregnant" card. hahah 

That and I want to prove my doctor wrong. He doesn't think I can keep it up past 28 weeks. We'll see about that! Challenge ACCEPTED! haha

Have a great Thursday!


  1. I am so impressed that you are doing these workouts while pregnant. Good for you!

  2. you look great for how pregnant you are! kepp it up girllll!!

  3. You are so cute pregnant. I think this is wonderful to keep exercising while you are this far along.


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