The LAST Monday


Hurray!! It's the LAST MONDAY of the year!! Wow. Wrap your head around that one for a minute.

So, how has your LAST Monday started out? Kinda lackluster or has it AWESOME!? Feeling sluggish or feeling AMAZING? Dreading the day and taking it by storm?!

Mondays mark the beginning of the week, which can also a FRESH START to something you may have been considering or struggling with.

Don't worry about what came before. Focus on the NOW and moving forward. You CAN do it. It is right there within your grasp. Just reach out and GO FOR IT!

Have a great Monday


  1. I seriously can't believe this is the last week of 2014!!! Having a baby earlier this year really threw me off my game, I'm surprised I know what day it is anymore...Happy 2015!


    1. Haha Congrats on the new edition Jen! I'll be adding mine come May and will losing my track of time soon enough. lol Happy 2015 to you as well!!

      ~Vanessa @FitFamilia


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