Planning to Fail by Failing to Plan??

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Monday was about starting the thought process. Tuesday about letting go of excuses. Today is about making a PLAN. The 3rd step to making a change in your life, whatever it, is the VERY important...PLANNING!

Failing to plan IS planning to FAIL.

This quote is SO true. When you want to expand your family and bring a child into this world what do you do? THINK about it. DECIDE on if its a good time to "start" and then COMMIT to making it happen. <--- That's a plan. 

What about hosting a holiday party?? Do you just invite people over and wing it? NO WAY! You make a PLAN and it turns out SO much better that way!! 

So, let's do that today and kick off your New Year's Resolutions STRONG tomorrow.....or if you're in Australia, today! lol

Have a Great Wednesday and last day of the year!!


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