Nap Time, Mommy Time

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Nap time is Mommy Time! Some days its only an hour so that means focusing on getting everything done is crucial!!

The laundry can wait. The dishes can wait. Finding time to strengthen your body and mind CAN'T wait.

Consistency is key. Otherwise all you're just undoing yesterday's hard work. Stay focused on the goal. Be strong. You CAN do it!

Morning Motivation: A Dream Gone By

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There have been many times in my adult life where I felt the need to start things on a Monday, it is the beginning of the week after all. Sure enough I fell off the wagon and then that negative self talk started up. "I can't get back on's Thursday...its been a week..a month, the whole schedule will be thrown"!

How crazy is that logic? You don't need a Monday to start and you certainly don't need a January for a New Year's Resolution.

Especially now that I'm already 3 months pregnant I'm starting my New Year's Resolution NOW. Know what it is? I want to be healthy and feel GOOD in my New Years jammies (not going out this year)...not bloated from Christmas cookies. I want to begin my New Year elated at the progress I have made during the latter half of the year, not spend the entire month of January undoing all of my bad decisions from December.

Who's with me? Who wants to go into the New Year already CRUSHING your resolution? Who is not willing to wait for January to start fresh?

I start my "Resolution" on Monday. Are you in?

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