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Tiny Prints Free Mug

Aw, thanks! You shouldn't have, Tiny Prints! But if you insist...

I decided to take this opportunity to make a little something that will do more than just warm my heart with pictures of my daughter. I decided to make .... an INSPIRATION MUG!!

Every morning I wake up and have my cup of joe. I also aim to do my workouts in the morning but are not always so successful. Thanks to Tiny Print's limited time offer, I made myself some inspiration that I will be looking at ALL DAY long!

When I'm not drinking coffee, these days I'm drinking hot green tea. Yup, I got hit with a sinus infection that is quickly turning into an upper respiratory infection. YUCK! So, to sooth my sore throat and fight off this bug I've put my water bottle aside and have kept my brewing station on all day.

SO! What will you fill up your mug with? Images of your goal body or inspiration model? Quotes? Funny fitness related pics? I'd love to see what you come up with.

To make your own either click on the banner at the top of this post or

Have a great Sunday!


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